Author Topic: Question about homework 1(c) 2(j) and 2(k)  (Read 475 times)


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Question about homework 1(c) 2(j) and 2(k)
« on: February 19, 2017, 05:32:10 PM »
Hi!  :D

About homework 1(c)
I've attached the graph I got, but I don't know whether my answer is what you need.
Generally,when the amount of nitrogen oxide in the air increases, the median housing price decreases. That is, when the air pollution level increases, the housing price decreases.
Is this enough? Do I need to decribe the scatter plot and How?

About homework 2(j)
Without doubt, exper2 is redundant, since it can be predicted by exper.
However, I found something confusing when I decided whether the parents educations are mutually redundant. My idea is that if the mother has high education level, it is highly possible for her to get a husband with high education level. and same logic for the father.
So, do I need to just add only mother(or father)'s education as control? or my idea is totally wrong..?

About homework 2(k)
The hint "justify your answer based on what you have done in this section so far" confused me.... What things do I need to base on in order to answer this question?
Only idea I have is to consider whether unemployment and largecity are redundant.
Unemployment is good to be added as control variable, since unemployment rate will influence the wage rate, for example, when unemployment rate is high, the wage rate is low.
However, I was confused about the largecity. To some certain extent, parents education level really can predict whether you are in a large city. For example, if a person's parents have high education level, it is highly possible for him to live in a large and central city. So, if I have added the parent education level, the largecity is redundant. However, can I really think like this way? this intuitively?

Thank you very much!