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NYC Teaching Fellows
« on: December 09, 2015, 11:40:10 AM »
Hi all, I am passing along this information.
[/size]NYC students can't wait, and neither should you.
[/size]The NYC Teaching Fellows program recruits and prepares a critical mass of exceptional teachers who are committed to a better future for the NYC students who need them the most. Fellows complete a masterís degree while teaching full-time in a public school, allowing for a direct transition into the classroom.  The masterís degree is subsidized by the NYC Department of Education, and Fellows earn a full teacherís salary and benefits.
[/size]Since 2000, the Fellows program has provided New York City students with thousands of talented new teachers. Today, Fellows work in 80 percent of New York Cityís 1,800 public schools and represent 12 percent of the cityís active teaching force.
[/size]Our application deadline is January 21, 2016. Apply today and take the first step towards joining an elite network of teachers committed to raising student achievement and proving whatís possible in our public schools.
[/size]Here's How to Get Started:
[/size]1.     Visit our website to see if you are eligible to apply[/url].
[/size]2.     Let us know youíre interested here[/url], and weíll send you more program details.
[/size]3.     Visit our FAQ page[/url] to learn about the program and the Fellowship experience.
[/size]4.     Review the application process and learn about the materials youíll need to gather.
[/size]Attend an Event: If you would like to attend an online information session to receive more information about our program, please register here[/url].[/font][/size]